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The Lohasian

What this is
The Lohasian is an informative website focused on Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, delivering "information and opinion on the news and style of conscious culture worldwide." It covers a broad range of topics from concerns through brilliant new ideas that will transform the world as we know it to a greener, healthier place to be.

Addressing all areas of life
With stories and topics like How To Know If You Are Settling For A Mediocre Life, Mindful Parenting in Times of Crises, Physician & Researcher Stuart Brown Asks, "Can PLAY Save the Human Race?", and my own personal favorite body + mind + spirit, you know it will be a definite stop for you on the information highway.

I didn’t know that was a problem
Check in to see just what they’ve  uncovered that might not have seemed like an issue to you: The Environmental Price of Smoking Bans, West Virgina Coal Association Markets Dirty Little Tones (Environmentally That Is).

Giving hope

United Nations & "The Billion Tree Campaign": 7 Billion New Trees Inspire Global Climate Change, Curing Asthma Naturally… and Other Lessons in Breathing.

Raising awareness
The Climate Project Summit Opens Uniting Al Gore With World’s Experts On Climate Change.

And making us say, "Really?!"
Coke Creates Eco-Friendly Bottle Made of Plants…Targeting LOHAS Consumer, Eco-Friendly Chocolate Powered Racecar …(Yes, You Read It Right).

If you are into living a healthy lifestyle (and you must be, since you’re here), moving toward what you want and moving away from what you don’t want, put The Lohasian on your reading list. Make it easy by signing up for The Lohasian’s newsletter.

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