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The Secret – the movie

The Secret (Original Edition)What this movie is about
The Secret (Original Edition) is a movie based on the Universal law called “The Law of Attraction” which is part of a greater Universal law called "The Law of Vibration". Through the centuries the Law of Attraction was kept secret but now it is being shared with the world. The movie explains how “The Secret”, which is actually the Law of Attraction, was suppressed and why. Experts on The Law of Attraction explain how the law works and how we can use it in our everyday lives to create the life we want. They reveal to us how the Law of Attraction is always operating in our lives whether we are aware of the law or not. Now that we are aware we can use The Law of Attraction to our advantage. For every aspect of our lives, from money to relationships, this movie outlines how the Law of Attraction can be made to work for us.

Caution!! Esther Hicks not in
version currently being sold on The Secret website
Make sure you get the DVD that has Esther Hicks in it, that would be the version sold as "Original Edition" by Amazon.com. There is more to The Secret than what is on this DVD either way so make sure you at least get the DVD that has her in it. Esther and Jerry Hicks have even taken it a step  further with this DVD Introducing Abraham – The Secret Behind "The Secret". I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll let you know when I do.

How to tell which version you have
The one with Esther Hicks is referred to as the "Original Edition". The one without her is the "Extended Version", it’s 2 minutes longer.

More revealed

At Revelation 2007, Michael Beckwith mentioned that the movie was meant to start a conversation, it isn’t the whole story. To learn more about The Law of Vibration, which encompasses the Law of Attraction, you may wish to  delve further into his teachings as well as the teachings of other experts from the movie.

How the law works
Basically, the way the Law of Attraction works is that everything you put your attention on comes to you, whether you want it or not. Even if you are saying, “NO,” to something in your loudest voice you are still giving it your attention and therefore attracting it into your experience. That’s how Mr. Bush became president. So many people were pushing against having him as president that they were giving him all their attention. So, what do we do if we don’t want something in our lives? Don’t give it any of our attention. Giving our attention to what we DO want is how we get what we DO want. The movie explains it very nicely as does the book Ask and It Is Given, whose author is one of the experts in the movie.

Other teachers of the Law of Attraction
This information has been touched on in so many different teachings throughout the centuries and seeing it brought to life in this way is a great confirmation and reminder of those other teachings. It even helped me understand those other teachings better. Other books I’ve read during my own journey that mention or teach this: Conversations with God, The Power of Now, Ask and It Is Given, The Abundance Book, and many more. Even Doreen Virtue talks about how she was raised in a tradition that taught about the power of thought and how we can bring into manifestation whatever we want. I read about some of her experiences in The Lightworker’s Way.

One thing you can do right now to start changing what you attract to yourself is start expressing, and feeling gratitude for all that you have in your life. You have to really feel it, though. Feel gratitude for everything that you possibly can and more will flow into your life.

My experience
I just finished reading Ask and It Is Given and this movie really brought it home. The movie was mostly experts speaking with skits to illustrate the point they were making but it was well done. It really wasn’t as boring as I’m making it sound here. The skits were like scenes from movies and were funny. When the experts were talking they weren’t just talking heads, either. The backgrounds were different based on the person’s expertise. It was great to watch. I had a new perspective on life after that and things look different now that I’m using the principles and some of the exercises they mentioned. This, in conjunction with Ask and It Is Given and The Abundance Book, has given me the additional tools to help me have the life I want and that’s not just material things. True success, as they mention it in the movie and I certainly agree with, is living the life you want in every aspect of your life. For me that means being blissfully happy all the time, having an abundance of money, having all my needs met, being in the flow of life with the knowledge that everything I want and need comes to me freely, having wonderfully fulfilling relationships, sharing, having a fulfilling spiritual life, having fulfilling relaxation and vacation time, fulfilling activities (formerly known as work) and having fun no matter what I choose to do. (There’s probably more but this is what was on the top of my head.)

My follow-up
I went out to Los Angeles to see Michael Beckwith at Agape and it was worth the trip. He’s become so popular since the movie and his visits with Oprah and Larry King that they might have to start televising it so the whole country can see it.

If you are interested in taking control of your life and having everything you want, and everyone can have everything they want since there is more than enough for everyone so you aren’t taking away from someone else if you have everything you want, this is a great place to start. Then I suggest reading Ask and It Is Given for specific exercises (they call them processes) you can use to make the life you want and stop resisting your good.

The rest of the story
At Revelations Michael Beckwith revealed that The Secret was meant to start a conversation, it isn’t the whole story. Delve further into his teachings and the teachings of the others in the movie to learn more. Someone at the Revelations conference in 2007 said the problem was that the people making the movie didn’t know the right questions to ask.

Watch the Trailer

Broadband users can watch The Secret full screen online for $4.95 per view (Esther Hicks is probably not in this one)

View details of Introducing Abraham – The Secret Behind "The Secret" at Amazon.com

View movie details at Amazon.com The Secret (Original Edition)  (With Esther Hicks)

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