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Tomorrow’s God

Tomorrow's God : Our Greatest Spiritual ChallengeThis review was written while I was reading the book so it is written like journal entries. -Dawn
I am reading Neale Donald Walsch’s new book Tomorrow’s God. The book is written in two parts. The first part tells us the difference between yesterday’s god and tomorrow’s god. A little way into the second half of the book Neale addresses the issue of how politics will change when the world adopts the belief in tomorrow’s god. I was struck by the analogy of our current government with a dictatorship. After finishing the segment I rushed to my computer to transcribe my thoughts. We are giving away our freedoms and why? Fear, plain and simple. It is described very eloquently in the book.

Once the message of freedom gets out and people decide they want freedom again, we will once again create the experience of freedom. It is happening now, all over the world. The former Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland and many other places have already done this and so it will happen in the United States. It will happen in the United States. I hadn’t realized it was coming to that. People have been predicting for years that there would be a major shift in government. Here is their proof, here is their hope, and here is their message in a bottle. We are moving toward a place of self-governance, we are moving into being a highly evolved civilization. Rise to the challenge! To paraphrase Paramahansa Yogananda: improve yourself and you will improve thousands, more than your words can ever do. Your good example will help others to change their own behaviors.

The end of the old and beginning of the new
For years many have been predicting the end of the world. Signs were beginning to manifest. Some things predicted were coming to pass. Many couldn’t wait for them to happen so the world could become a “better place”. They were willing to go through the “fire”, just to get to a better life and the “party” on the other side. And a party was what was predicted. I guess it was supposed to be your reward for making it through. I was one of the ones waiting and willing for the world to collapse in order to change. I didn’t see any other way that it was going to happen. There I was waiting for the predictions to manifest. There I was waiting for the world to collapse as in The Day After Tomorrow before a new world could be born, Phoenix-like out of the ashes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A potential future that works
Through other books Neale is bringing to light a potential future, one in which everything “works” and it works for everyone. WOW!! To think we don’t have to go through mass destruction and devastation and earth changes where millions are killed and the face of the planet changes drastically for us to have the world we want! We can start changing now by individually changing the way we do things and the things we believe. I am inspired and energized with what I am reading! I feel myself changing as I read the words, conceive of the possibilities and live into the beliefs. I am acting, thinking and interacting differently in my every day life, instantaneously. It’s almost like the ideas are presented in such a way that they are rewiring me on many levels. And it’s not just the words. There is more here. I don’t know if I can language it but I’ll try. It’s like I am accessing another dimension of myself that already has this information. It’s like I already know this on some level, I already learned it but didn’t know what any of it meant and was told that some day, when I was ready, I would understand and now I am finding it is all coming back to me in vivid understanding when I didn’t know what it meant before. I’ve got it! It’s an uncovering, a revealing of something I already knew and believed at a very deep level. WOW!!

Feeling gratitude
I feel my heart chakra expanding and I feel deeply moved and deeply grateful to Neale who chose to be the voice to bring this through and to all those who will help make this “new world” and “new spirituality” a reality. I almost didn’t want to start this web site. I desperately wanted it to grow into its potential and do all kinds of wonderful things for people but I thought it would all end with “the end of the world as we know it” and it was almost more than I could bear. At this juncture I now know that this review will hallmark the opening of the Dawn of a New Day website. What better place to begin then with the beginning of the New Spirituality! And I hope you like honesty, integrity and humor, because that’s what I am and that’s where we are all going!

December 6, 2004
I just finished the rest of the book. It is so powerful. The message is that Tomorrow’s God is a loving god, needing nothing and serving all of Life. Not only have I felt myself changing while reading this book and practicing the methods in The Power of Now, Martin, the man I married, has mentioned that I have changed a lot in the last few weeks. My growth has been accelerated as my mind has been freed.

What it all boils down to is this
you have all the power and the answers inside of you. All you have to do is ask and you will get an answer. If you want to change who you are, just declare it and know that it is true. I don’t want to spoil the end of the book for you so all I’ll say here is, read it all the way to the end, then spread the word and join the team! That’s Humanity’s Team, making a difference in the outcome of the human experience on planet earth.

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