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Recycling Business Cards

Dawn's Business CardGot useless business cards?
Have you ever changed your company logo, phone number, web address or just gotten a new job and still have a stack of business cards left? Well, they don’t need to go directly into the recycle bin. You can reuse them before they become a recycled sheet of paper.

1) I take some of those worthless little pieces of paper and use them to write myself little notes.  I keep them in convenient places around the house, with a pen. I don’t carry them in my purse because I don’t want to give out an old card by mistake. This tip works great with David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.
2) My daughter loves to draw on them. She takes them and gets creative with the design on the front and also draws pictures on the back. Hey, you never know, your child might come up with a great design for your next business card, huh?
3) Save one from each version and make a poster of the evolution of your business. I know, this only takes care of one card from each past version and you eventually have to recycle the whole thing anyway but it can be fun. Oh, course, looking back does activate former vibrations which you may or may not want to do. It’ sup to you. I haven’t done it.
4) Use them to level a wobbly table.
5) Save them to use as filler in the bottom of a vase of dried flowers. Could be colorful depending on the colors on your card.

Do you have other ideas?
Email me with your other ideas and we’ll post them here for all to see. It doesn’t pay anything but you get the credit.

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