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Beyond Recycling – Reuse those plastic utensils

Recycline Recycled Plastic CutleryReuse plasticware that you use
Bring home those plastic forks, knives, spoons and sporks to reuse before you recycle them. Just keep a plastic container in the car to store the dirty ones until you get home to wash them.

Being proactive
I got the Recycline recycled, recyclable plasticware and keep them in my car to use when I’m eating out at a place where they only have plasticware. I just go into the back of my car, where I keep my canvas grocery bags, and get out my container of plasticware to bring with me into the restaurant.

Putting it all together

Despite the fact that I keep some in my car, I do wind up accumulating more, sometimes because we took my husband’s car and he doesn’t have any.  So, I just bring them home, wash then and put them in with the ones I bought. Also, sometimes the ones I bought get lost or left somewhere or someone throws them away so it’s a good idea to bring home the ones we used because it keeps the supply going without trying to.

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