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Robert Currey’s astrology forecasts are very insightful. The yearly forecasts are relevant for the times they cover. I really like Robert’s work.

Self-fulfilling prophecies
Some people think that following astrology takes your destiny out of your hands by influencing your thoughts of your future and thereby creating self-fulfilling prophesies. This can happen if you are very susceptible to other’s influence and blindly believe what people tell you without realizing you still have a choice. But we’re not like that, are we? This is where Robert’s readings are different. I’ve had a couple of Year Forecasts done by him and I didn’t read them until after the relevant dates had passed. I wasn’t going to be influenced. Guess what, his readings were accurate anyway. How’s that for not being influenced?

Other services
There are many different astrology services that Robert offers through Equinox Astrology. You can choose a Character Portrait Horoscope, a Yearly Forecast, a Child’s Profile, a Compatibility Profile and a Birth Wheel Chart.

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