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Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

What this book is about
Buddha began life as Prince Siddhartha. His spiritual quest lead him to become Buddha, which means Enlightened One. This story takes us from conception to his life after becoming enlightened. He even returns home to assure his wife, son and father that he is still alive and that his quest was successful. Siddhartha had a rival and nemesis that I had never heard of before and his relationship with his father was, at times, rocky. Deepak Chopra satiates our curiosity by explaining Buddhism at the end of the book. Then there is a question and answer section for questions you might have about Buddhism. The explanation of "mindfullness" sounds very much like what Ekhart Tolle talks about as "watching your thoughts". I’ve done that and I see how it helps to create gaps in your thoughts where stillness is found.

Truth or Myth?
Deepak Chopra told me that most of the book is based on truth and the stories he heard about Buddha while he was growing up.

The narrative is very well done and engaging. I hardly wanted to put the book down.

My experience 
I found it very inspiring and had several enlightening moments when my perspective shifted. I also enjoyed reading about Buddhism.

I would recommend this book if you like stories that have a spiritual and uplifting effect, if you’re curious about the stories surrounding Prince Siddhartha, want to learn about lore and mythology from India, want to hear more about Buddhism or just want to make sure you read everything that Deepak Chopra puts out! There are some violent moments in it so don’t read the book if you don’t want those.

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