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Living from the Heart

Living from the Heart,Season of the Heart
‘Tis is the season when people are usually inspired to be nicer and spread more love, expressing more from the heart. Just yesterday, after the Candlelight Sing at my daughter’s school, a gentleman I didn’t know, who I had been sitting next to during the whole event, turned to me as he got up to leave and wished me "Happy Holidays". People sing that it’s "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and that could be because people are more inclined to express their Heart Virtues and be more loving.

Wanting to live more from the heart
We can be part of the force that brings more heart-centered living to the planet and assists in its transition and we can do it now. Sound interesting? Perhaps you’ve already made this decision but found it more challenging than you thought. Well…

Overcoming the challenges of living from the heart
When you decide that you want to bring more heart energy into your interactions with people, the Universe will send you what you need to start you on the journey to that end result. Consider this post the answer to that request of the Universe and try emotional self-mastery to live your life coming more from the heart. Then everyone will agree that It’s A Wonderful Life!

six heart virtues, living from the heart, living a love-centered life, lohas
Tools for emotional self-mastery
If you’ve been following along with my posts about my experience with The Energetic Heart e-paper, Wingmakers, Lyricus and their subsequent writings and teachings, then it will come as no surprise that I’m talking about another website, Event Temples, and more techniques, this one paper Living from the Heart, can cultivate emotional self-mastery in our lives. It’s referred to as expressing the six heart virtues.

Reasons for self-mastery
In the Living from the Heart e-paper I was blown away by the data the weather satellites charted during and after September 11, 2001 which proved how the Collective Human Energetic Field (C.H.E.F.) affects the earth’s geomagnetic field: (Page 28 from the Living from the Heart e-paper), it’s also a two-way street (is this how we affect the weather with our emotions?). By mastering our emotions we can positively affect our experience, each other, the planet and everyone and everything since we are all one.

Energetic Heart, six heart virtues, living from the heart, living a love-centered life, lohasBenefits of emotional self-mastery
By mastering our emotions we feel better, we’re healthier, the earth feels better, we evolve more gracefully and peacefully breezing through previous difficulties and we are living the lives we came here to live by assisting the human race and the earth in its evolution. You’ll radiate such loving energy and feel so good that everyone will show you loving kindness in return. Mmmm, reminds me of the depictions of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in Disney’s early animations. Remember how the animals felt safe around them?

The teaching
Living from the Heart is the e-paper that contains the initial teachings for emotional self-mastery and elaborates up one of the techniques with the When-Which-How Practice Guide. Living from the Heart contains much information along with meditation and techniques for beginning mastery of our emotions. The papers and teachings are free on the Event Temples websites.

Study groups
You can try to find a study group in which to study these teachings more in-depth. I started a group so you can contact me, if you are interested in joining. Perhaps study groups will be posted on the Event Temples website in the future.

Read the Wikipedia entry on Event Temples

Download the Living from the Heart e-paper

Visit the Event Temples website

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