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Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior (Widescreen)What this movie is about
If you’ve read the Peaceful Warrior books then you already know this is based on the story of gymnast Dan Millman. He meets an amazing man, whom he calls Socrates, and starts on a transformational journey to live his life differently. Being here, now is one of the most important lessons he learns.

My experience
There were some things in the movie that I don’t remember from the book but I also read it in the mid 1990s, so I probably forgot a few things. The movie was well done, of true feature-film quality, and quite enjoyable and transformational to watch.

Dan Millman
Dan Millman has shared his experiences, insights and ideas with us through his many books including:

Follow-up material
Dan found there were many questions people had after reading the book and watching the movie and they are answered in Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior: A Companion to the Book That Changes Lives (Millman, Dan). Sounds like a winner.

This movie gives you just enough material to get your wondering how much more you life can be while entertaining you and throwing in some amazingly fit bodies, a little mystery, competition, self-discovery and love.  If you like good movies, watch this one.

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