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Power, Freedom, and Grace

Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting HappinessWhat this book is about
Deepak Chopra combines science with philosophies from The Power of NowAsk and It Is Given and many others to address the problem of having forgotten who we are. Basically, we are one with the field of pure consciousness and when we learn to live from that Source we will be happy and fully awake, remembering who we are. There are exercises and techniques included for helping you remember who you are. He also provides insights into how we can shift from the old paradigm of life, which isn’t working, to the new paradigm which will help humanity evolve gracefully. On pages 156 and 157 you’ll find a technique you can use to enter the soul’s domain.

My experience
This book is well-written and understandable. It was enjoyable to read. I could feel the expansion that came from reading these words. The exercises were also expansive and helpful in my practice of moving closer to the Divine in my daily life and living from that place of keeping in mind who I really am. I especially liked the summaries at the end of each chapter. They summed up the main points of the chapter and provide a touchstone for a quick refresher of what I read.

This book has wonderful energy and will become an essential little guidebook for "Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness". This is definitely one to study and practice as you move more toward remembering who you are and being free.

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