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Supporting A Love-Centered Life

Living from the heart, living a love-centered life. event temples, wingmakers, lyricus, lto, lyricus teaching orderWhy we want to live a love-centered life
Whether we know it or not, how we feel and act affects all of humanity and the planet. This is proven addressed in the section called “Collective Human Energetic Field” starting on page 28 of the Living from the Heart e-paper. (Read my review of the Living from the Heart e-paper.) It shows data from two Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites measuring the earth’s geomagnetic field as the events of September 11, 2001 began and progressed as more and more people spiraled down into fear from the events on that day. It shows that how people feel can affect the earth as well as each other. So living a love-centered life helps everyone, including ourselves, to feel good.

Supporting ourselves to live a love-centered life
Supporting a love-centered life takes a little thinking and planning ahead to make it flow easier. Most of us weren’t taught how to live a love-centered life so we have to create new habits to make it easier, but it can be done.

Identify things that hinder and help
So what can we do to make it easier?

  1. Determine what makes us feel good and do them
  2. Notice the things that make us feel bad and avoid them

Making useful lists
Put those things into the following lists (a portion of my list):

Proactive things to do daily or weekly to keep your vibration and spirits high

  1. Drinking green smoothies
  2. Eating fruit
  3. Eating raw chocolate
  4. Exercise
  5. Stretching
  6. Yoga
  7. Meditation
  8. Holosync®
  9. Appreciating
  10. Looking good
  11. Being in nature
  12. Doing Callenetics
  13. Practicing the Virtuous Cycle Technique
  14. Practicing the six heart virtues and living from the heart
  15. Listening to Wingmakers music
  16. Amanda Miller’s Angel Meditation
  17. Listening to other inspiring music
  18. Listening to interviews with James
  19. Ramanathan’s chakra focusing technique
  20. Reading Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch and other inspiring writers

Techniques to use when I’m feeling down

  1. The Neutral Heart Technique
  2. Expressing my feelings (if I got triggered by someone)
  3. Climbing the emotional ladder or other techniques from Ask and It Is Given
  4. Listening to the voice in my head and observing my actions (technique from The Power of Now)
  5. Focusing (from the book by the same name)

Things to avoid

  1. Sugar, processed food, old food
  2. Feeding the pain-body (arguing or indulging in negative feelings, also from The Power of Now)
  3. Watching or reading the news
  4. Watching depressing or violent movies or television shows or reading books with the same type on content
  5. Staying in a life situation or job that doesn’t work for you
  6. Gossiping
  7. Enabling people who complain
  8. Looking at disturbing images
  9. Anything else you do to avoid feeling discomfort

Reviewing your lists

I suggest reviewing your lists daily until you are in the habit of using them (or avoiding them). After that, review them weekly, adding things as appropriate.

We CAN make it as easy as possible to support our decision to live a love-centered life and follow earth’s ascendancy into the next phase of evolution. Just make it as easy as possible for yourself.

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