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The Lightworkers Way

The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and HealI realized
I was called to be a healer in this world at this time. The realization was an epiphany for me in the weeks before I birthed my drum. I had the desire and I was ready to begin my healing practice but I felt my skills were incomplete. There was a piece missing, a skill set I still needed to learn. After making my drum I saw the show Spirit the 7th Fire and I began to think the missing piece might be found among the Shaman. I contacted my drumming instructor about possibly going to some events where I might encounter some Shaman and therefore my next step. I put it out to the Universe that I was ready. Low and behold, a day or so later I was in the Kimberton Whole Food Store and while walking past a display of books one seemed to jump out at me. It had a bright blue cover, the color of the sky. In fact, it was the sky behind the picture of the author. I took another look and saw this beautiful, healthy looking blonde with long flowing hair and a white outfit. I heard the words in my head, “This is it”. I said, “You’ve got to be joking. Forget it.” I was so certain that my next piece would come through the natives of this land (formerly misnamed “Indians” or “Native Americans”) that the truth took me by surprise. It’s not that I was against this person (I had never heard of her) I was just surprised that it was someone who looked so much like me (European). I walked past it and continued on with my shopping. The second time I walked by it I heard the same thing but with a little more insistence in the tone. I said, "Oh, all right" as I sometimes do when I admit I’m resisting, and I got the book. I bought it right there. I didn’t even try to get it cheaper online! Well, was I ever surprised! I finished the book in only four days, all 274 pages.

The book is delivered in two parts
Part one is Doreen’s story followed by “…scientific studies and methods that will help you regain your spiritual vision and abilities.” She hopes to inspire others to heed the inner voice telling them they are lightworkers. It includes a way to tell if you are called to be a lightworker and other tools to help you on your path. I began to face my own calling to be a lightworker and my nighttime dreams started to change. I practiced the method for clearing the chakras and noticed a smell after each chakra was cleared, an indication to me of how deeply it was working. (Don’t expect a smell from yourself. Everyone releases stuck energy in different ways. The smell is one way my body releases and has done so for more than ten years.) I was on my way to developing the next level of my healing tools and preparing to open my practice.

It’s amazing
how we can help or hinder ourselves with our own lifestyle choices. Doreen points out some changes we can make to clear our avenues of communication with the Divine, for that is where the information to heal others is coming from. Changes made gently, in a ‘one-step-at-a-time’ pace will be more lasting. Always be gentle and loving with yourself. I was left with a couple of questions which I posed on Doreen’s website and found that we can use the methods she shares to heal ourselves as well as our clients and Mother Earth. The other thing is, the more we use these techniques the better we get at them.

Suggestion to the Author
I would find it very helpful to have a companion workbook to help us practice these techniques and suggestions for who to practice them on and when to practice them. The book would also benefit from an index. Some tips for using these techniques on ourselves would also be helpful.

I highly recommend this book if you feel called to be a lightworker.

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