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When-Which-How Practice Guide

What this e-paper is
In our study of the Living from the Heart e-paper, from the Event Temples website, When-Which-How is described as When you use the six heart virtues, Which one(s) you use and How you use them. The When-Which-How Practice Guide goes more in-depth into the whole practice of living from the heart.

Living from the Heart – Background
In case you haven’t read the Living from the Heart e-paper yet, I’ll tell you a little about it. It talks about the evolution of humanity and the planet and explains how we are evolving toward living more from the heart. We can help humanity and the planet evolve more gracefully and easily by living a more heart-centered life. The paper itself includes techniques on how to strengthen the heart virtues within yourself and then you are able to send them out to other people, situations, animals, etc. that could benefit from them. Eventually the Event Temples website will have internet “gatherings” where those of us who are working with the heart virtues “gather” and intentionally send heart energy to situations, areas or people who need it. It’s a powerful practice and one that can help make your life nicer now and the shifting "birth pains" of planet earth easier for you to handle when they happen. As the “heat” gets turned up, living a heart-centered life will make it easier for us and we can make it easier for others as well when we are living from the heart.

So, this guide gives background and explains why we want to master the use of the six heart virtues. It uses situations from every day life and how they can be used. The results are educational and often humorous.

The sample situations presented cover a broad range of scenarios that might affect many different types of people. It is explained how their day, or situations, go without using the heart virtues and then “rerunns” the day showing how it would have been different if the person in the sample had practiced the heart virtues. We learn how it would have affected their experience and the experiences of those around them creating more harmony and love.

My experience using the guide
I found that, even though I had understood at an intellectual level the When-Which-How practice from the Living from the Heart e-paper, I really began to practice it more in my daily life on a regular basis after reading this guide. My practice was further enhanced after listening to the interviews with James, the creator/founder (download the audio interviews in the What’s New section of the Wingmakers website). Now I am practicing the heart virtues almost constantly and feeling wonderful. Practicing it a lot helps me to catch myself when I start to feel negativity and I immediately come up with a virtue to feel immediately and it shifts my energy back to the heart. I just love it!

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