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What to do with all that Halloween Candy

Healthier ideas
So, it’s the day after Halloween and I’ve got a bag of candy that I’m trying to get away from my daughter Marissa. When her sister, Kathleen, was of trick-or-treating age we had a deal. She would get to keep five pieces of candy and I would buy the others from her at five cents a piece. What, you think that’s cheap? You should have seen the huge piles she would come home with! She’d walk away with 10 bucks some years. And if she was feeling really prosperous she would offer to sell those last five pieces and I’d give her a dollar a piece for them. Well Marissa doesn’t have a piggy bank, an oversight on my part, so I have to come up with another idea for this year. I thought about letting her trade in two pieces for candy from the health food store and letting her get a box of something I don’t usually let her get like Cheddar Bunnies. She’ll like that. Next year I’m buying a piggy bank. And giving the trick-or-treaters money.

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