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MaryRose Occhino Interview

The Sign of the DoveThis original interview was first published in the September/October 2007 issue of New Visions Magazine.
About MaryRose Occhino
Mary Occhino, psychic medium, author of Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium and The Sign of the Dove, has a weekly call-in radio show on Sirius Stars 102 and joins Deepak Chopra’s Saturday morning wellness show on the same channel. Her new book, Awaken Instincts, takes her out of the psychic medium “box” by offering seven keys for enhancing every aspect of your life.

DAWN: What is an Intuitive Consciousness Explorer?
MARY O: I don’t just see people who cross over. I see consciousness. My brain, or my consciousness explores the consciousness of others. What I do is read the Akashic field or the Akashic records.

DAWN: How accurate are your predictions?
MARY O: My average is 85 to 90%. That’s not by me, that’s [measured] by Dr. Schwartz [The G.O.D. Experiments]. What I usually tell a person is, “Alright, if you don’t listen, not just to me but to your guides, and don’t do this, this is what’s going to happen.” I can give them both outcomes.

DAWN: Are you ever surprised by what you hear, see or feel?
MARY O: All the time. People sometimes say to me, “Mary, is that your opinion you’re telling me or is that my guide?” I don’t say in my head, “Alright, guide, come and guide me. Alright guide, come and tell me.” We’re not supposed to do that, unless we’re trying to connect with someone who’s crossed over. That’s what I feel. And then I’ll say to them, in my head, “Come to me, tell me, tell me more about you.” I believe we have so many guides that you’re limiting yourself to think that it’s just one person. Different guides come for different issues. I can get their names if I have to concentrate on it, but I feel like it’s a waste of time, really. Think about Helen Keller, this is what I try to explain to people; Helen Keller couldn’t see, speak or hear. But yet she knew who her mother was. She didn’t have to know her mother’s name. She didn’t have to know that mommy was called, “Mommy”, she knew, she sensed it. That’s how I feel. I think we should utilize our instincts as though we were all Helen Keller and not worry about what our mother’s names are because our guides will always be there like our mothers are. Our guides hear us telepathically and they come.

DAWN: Do you have any advice for parents who have children who exhibit psychic abilities or report seeing disembodied people?
MARY O: I would tell them to speak to their children telepathically all the time. The Indigo child book definition is that they’re late speakers but yet they understand everything. They’re late walkers but once they walk, they start running. My mother did it with us, she did it with my children and I’m trying to do it with my grandchildren now too. I believe telepathy is a natural instinct.

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