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April Friends’ Day

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So how did April 1st become April Fools Day, or is it April Fools’ Day? Well, according to the stories I’ve heard. April 1st used to be New Year’s Day, considering it was the first full month of Spring it certainly made sense. When New Year’s Day was switched to January 1st there were still people who were used to saying "Happy New Year" on April 1st. They were then told they were foolish because they had forgotten. How tricks and bad jokes became a part of it I just don’t know.

April Friends Day
So, what I’m proposing is this, let’s make April 1st April Friends’ Day. Here’s what you can do:

1) Pick a friend
2) Send them a card or write them a note telling them what they mean to you
3) Do something nice for them or with them like having them over for tea or just spending time together
3) Know that you have connected with someone and brightened their day

My plan
I’m taking my daughter, Kat, out for a nice lunch together for April Friends’ Day this year and remembering throughout the year to tell my friends just how much I admire and appreciate them.

What will you do to connect with a dear friend on April Friends’ Day and throughout the year?

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