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Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts – Now in Print!

Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts bookFast and Easy Desserts for the Whole Family
What this book is about
I love dessert and I especially love raw desserts since I can eat as much as I want and still feel good. Believe it or not, if you have all the ingredients ready to go, it takes less time to make many raw desserts (20 minutes on average) than it does to make a cooked dessert. As an added bonus, raw desserts energize you, they don’t make you sleepy and the raw chocolate recipes produce a feeling of well-being. You are just going to love this.

Do you like dessert?
Most of us love dessert but don’t like the sluggish feeling that comes after eating them. Here’s a solution: treat your family, friends and yourself to raw desserts and eat as much as you want without feeling sleepy or eating refined sugar and flour. There’s no guarantee that you won’t gain weight since the largest factor in gaining weight is what you believe (the law of attraction as explained in Ask and It Is Given) but you’ll certainly feel better about what you’re eating.

Here’s what people are saying about Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts:

“Wow Dawn! This book is really great. Thanks so much for sharing.
Raw desserts is exactly how my husband and I got into raw food. We heard about raw from a friend, tried a few desserts and there was no going back!”
-Kathy L

“Loved the idea of having all of these decadent dishes to choose from, thanx. I’m in gratitude to you that you have created such yummy desserts.
” -Karin M

“I am also really looking forward to trying out some of your dessert recipes. Last year I took a raw food class at Arnold’s Way in Lansdale and lost my notes, so I am really grateful to have your book, especially as I like to make edible gifts for the holidays.” -Elizabeth C

“Just read a little bit of your dessert book. I had been on a huge raw forum and mentioned that I had finally purchased cacao nibs and that I thought that they were over-rated as they are bitter. Out of the thousands of people on that forum not a one of them ever suggested to me that I needed to soak them! OMG! 1 minute into your e-book and now I know!” -luckitri

“Wow, beautiful pictures and the recipes look yummy. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes with me” Blessings, -Elena K

“Thank You for sharing with all of us your beautiful creation RAWgards” -Joz L

Second edition
This second edition of theDawn of a New Day Raw Desserts e-book has photos, revised directions and even more loving intention! I’m sure you’ll appreciate and love it.
Special recipesSame great child and hubby approved raw food desserts, now with pictures.
It’s my gift to you until this book goes to print. Tell your friends and let me know what you think.


Kindle Version $5: Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts
From Amazon.com $12: Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts: Fast and Easy Raw Desserts for the Whole Family
From the Publisher $12: Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts: Fast and Easy Raw Desserts for the Whole Family

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