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Event Temples – Neutral Heart Technique

Event Temples, Wingmakers, Lyricus, Lyricus Teaching Order, Living a love-centered lifeTransforming stuck energies
If you get "triggered" by stresses and people in your life, you can use those experiences to realign/ transform the energies that are causing them. They are stuck/ cementized energies and those stuck/ cementized energies prevent you from living a love-centered life and we now know that our part in the evolution of humanity and the earth is to live a love-centered life. Well, Event Temples has a technique to realign the energies that have “cementized” in our energy field. (They can’t be released or removed since they are part of you but you can realign them to they are working for you instead of against you.) By realigning them they are now assisting us in working toward our goal of living from the heart. In The Power of Now terminology, it converts the pain-body into presence-power. It’s quick, easy and you don’t have to be in a quiet place to do it. It supports our journey. When you have this technique you can be grateful when you get trigger because it’s giving you the opportunity to transform what was previously unconscious. How cool is that?

Where to find it

Go to the Event Temples website and sign-in or register and sign-in if you haven’t registered yet. Once you are signed in click on the link in the side navigation that says, “My Journey”. Once the box for your journey comes up, click on, “James’ Notes” link at the bottom of the box. On the right you will then see, “James’ notes archive”. In the list under that you will see, “Neutral Heart Technique”. Click on that title and the text in the box on the left is now the “Neutral Heart Technique”. I copied that text and put it into a word document, changed the margins so it was only on two pages and printed it out.

How to use it
I recommend using it whenever you get triggered or are feeling less than loving. Read through and try the technique a few times. You also have freedom to change it so it works for you. I added in some steps that work for me.

I feel amazing after using this technique. I feel a real shift of energy and get back to being centered in my heart. The "trigger" is now gone and I’m transforming more of the pain-body/ cementized energies. I’ve already heard reports of great success using this technique.

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