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How the Foods We Eat Affect Our Life Experience

Veggies!Food affects ability to focus
Have you ever wondered why you have such a hard time sticking to a certain diet or paying attention? We live in a world of uppers and downers. People have coffee in the morning to wake them up and wine in evening to relax them and help them go to sleep. If you’re one of the lucky ones you’ve already realized this is not a healthy pattern and perhaps you’ve moved to an herbal upper in the morning and some chamomile or kava tea in the evening. This is certainly an improvement.

You can improve your focus
What if I told you that, by making certain food choices, you can be more alert, have a better memory, need less sleep, have smoother, softer skin, bright eyes and sail through your day enjoying every moment and being at peace? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I have had several experiences whereby these things have happened to me within hours of eating the foods I’m talking about here.

CakeMy experience
I went to a Brian Clement workshop where there was a whole buffet of raw and living foods. There were pâtés made with sprouted nuts and seeds, raw flax crackers and breads, tasty salads, dressings made from all raw ingredients, and ten different kinds of sprouts. For dessert we were treated to Carob Mousse Pie and coconut cream pie. All prepared by Joel Odhner. The meal being served half-way through the talk and I really stuffed myself! I was certain I was going to have trouble staying awake since the doors were closed and fresh air really helps keep me awake after eating such a big meal. I was amazed by what happened. As the talk continued and my food digested I suddenly realized that I was feeling an amazing amount of inner-peace. I was able to focus on what was being said and it was all EFFORTLESS! Looking down I noticed that my finger nails were smooth and shiny, as if they had just been buffed and my skin felt silky soft. The rest of the day passed smoothly as I lived in this place of peace with myself and the world. I had discovered a secret.

Raw DessertsWhere I wanted to go with this
I knew that I wanted to eat this way all of the time, but how? There are many different diets out there and many different methods of incorporating them to work with your lifestyle. Still, how many people do you know that can stick with a diet? Paramahansa Yogananda said that the best and easiest way to change an undesirable habit is to replace it with the opposite desirable habit. This is also true for altering the foods one eats. By eating raw and living foods, foods that still have their enzymes; I was giving my body what it needed thereby eliminating cravings and making the undesirable food taste bad. That’s right, I couldn’t stomach it. It was awful! I’ll tell you another story.

RawvolutionWhen I found living and raw foods
When I was pregnant with my second daughter I went to a living and raw foods workshop given by Loreta Vainius. The workshop included a liquid breakfast of wheatgrass juice, sesame milk and almond milk, all made right there in front of us. Loreta spent the morning showing us how she makes a meal, which included flax crackers, raw pasta, beet stem salad, almond cheese, and apple pie! All of it was raw and perfectly balanced for our body’s needs. After we ate lunch the workshop concluded with questions and an opportunity to buy the products and books that Loreta used. So by the time I got home I was ready to eat again, it was dinner time. Martin and I went to a little restaurant and I ordered chicken with capers and lemon. I tried a few bites and said that it didn’t taste right. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I just didn’t want to eat that meal! I think I ate the salad and couldn’t take another bite of the chicken. It was amazing: I had given my body a taste of live, enzyme rich food and then the enzyme depleted chicken tasted like cardboard. It was then that I realized that I can help myself eat the way I want by being proactive. I started creating the recipes which have produced the Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts e-book, the first in a series of raw recipe books.

Coconut OilMy observation of me
I started paying attention to how my body reacted to certain foods. I had realized six years earlier that eating sugar made my irritable and impatient with my daughter Kathleen. I had cut it out of my diet. Now I am able to discern more subtle affects that food has on me. Eating frozen food, especially if it is old, causes me to feel depressed, sometimes suicidal. This makes sense after reading in Doreen Virtue’s book Eating In The Light that the food loses its life-force when it is frozen (or cooked). Flour and sugar makes it hard to concentrate and eating dairy and meat impairs our psychic abilities as Doreen Virtue discusses in her book The Lightworker’s Way. Sugar still makes me irritable and even though I don’t go out of my way to eat it, sometimes restaurants put it in the most unlikely places. Sugar also is reported to lower the body’s immune system just 20 minutes after ingesting it. The only sweetener that doesn’t cause me problems is beet sugar and I’ve found that in the Endangered Species Chocolate bars. I just can’t tolerate any of the other sweeteners and I don’t like the taste of stevia as a sweetener. I do like it as a tea, though. Basically, anything that isn’t a whole food affects me adversely. If I start feeling funky, listless, depressed, suicidal or angry I can always look back at what I ate and it points me directly to the food which caused it. Interestingly enough, once I figure out it was the food I ate it helps me tolerate how the food made me feel. As Eckhart Tolle says in The Power of Now Teaching Series observing your reactions takes the power out of them and they usually go away.

Chai Raweo CookiesNow
I still haven’t converted completely to a raw and living foods diet, as much as I would like to. Right now I’m craving sweets (12/06-I found out why, check out the post on the Mucusless Diet) and I know all I have to do is have sesame milk (containing calcium) for breakfast most of the time and I won’t have these cravings. So I’m working on a method to fit that into my lifestyle on a regular basis. Once I do, I know the cravings will go away because they weren’t there when I was drinking the sesame milk regularly.

Possible future resources
David Wolfe told me that he was writing a book that included a method for incorporating the raw food diet into the lifestyle of Americans. I’ll let you know when I find out.

There is so much more to say on this topic and so many more resources. I’ll get you more information later. In the meantime, this is a good start.

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