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Letting Go Gracefully

Examine your feelings
When the time comes to let something go, be it a job, a relationship, a home or something else, we can get the most out of the experience by letting it go gracefully and peacefully. When we are feeling uncomfortable emotions about the letting go, then it’s time to examine those feelings. Those feelings can be many things including issues that are unresolved, lingering emotions from the in-between adjustment as our energy realigns itself, anticipation or fear about what is to come, etc. The list goes on. Examining them will help bring you to an understanding and thereby release them, getting the most out of the experience you had.

See life as helping you
Being at peace with life comes from looking at it from a place of seeing all things as leading toward our evolution and growth. If the Universe is conspiring to help us in all things, as Amanda Miller tells me, then everything is leading us toward our greater good. Find the gift in the experience you had, thank it and let it go, being willing to move on to the next segment of your life ready to receive those gifts from the new segment.

Paving the road
Paving the road before you to help you on your path is something you can do right now. As you go throughout your day pay attention to your feelings. When you have feelings that don’t feel good to you, give them your attention. Write it down to examine it later if you don’t have time to do something about it right then. When you can, spend some time realigning the energies of those emotions by using the Neutral Heart Technique, Focusing, or something else that helps you resolve the emotions. Sometimes I just give it my full attention asking why I’m feeling that way and what about the situation is making me feel that way. Sometimes that’s all it takes and the energy shifts and I suddenly feel differently. I believe it was Anthony Robbins who talked about a technique of replaying a situation in our minds changing elements to make it ridiculous in our minds, like slowing it down and speeding it up, so we no longer think of it so seriously.

Other benefits
Being willing to let things go gracefully will also help keep you happier and thereby positively contribute to the Collective Human Energy Field, which helps bring Humanity closer to its evolution.

Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision
Now that you are looking at the experiences of your life as benefiting you, and you can process your emotions and move on, you can look back and see the perfection of where you have been and where you are now. Trust that the Universe is leading you toward the next Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision that Life has for you and “Make it so”!

Love, Peace, Blessings and Grace to you all,
Dawn Light

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