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Pep Talk Phone Sessions

Want a pep talk?

Want to be heard?
Need to talk?

Just want someone to listen?

Looking for answers?

Looking to see the world from a different perspective?

Looking to see the perfection in the Universe and in your life?

Want a paradigm shift?

Want a pick-me-up?

Just want an excuse to spend 30 minutes focusing on you?

Want all this at a reasonable price?

Well, you got it!
If you ever wanted to sign-up for my more intense (and more expensive) Living a Harmonious Life in Body, Mind, and Spirit or Helping You Find the Next Step on Your Journey Coaching sessions but, for whatever reason, weren’t ready to make the leap, I’m now offering 30 minute phone sessions where you get just what you want, for $25 a session. And it’s not just a warm body on the other end of the phone, I can actually help you shift the energy of where you are and whatever is happening for you so you can move along more freely in your life, toward your goals and dreams.

The benefits of spending time talking to someone who’s really listening (listening with the whole body, as Eckhert Tolle talks about in The Power of Now) can help shift your energy, release unresolved emotions and move you toward wholeness. Besides that, it feels really good!

How I got this idea
The other day I was thinking how nice it would be just to have someone to talk to for 30 minutes to discuss an issue I was having and then it hit me, the Universe was suggesting that I become the "someone to talk to" and be there for other people! Well, sometimes things just have to "Dawn" on me.

30 Minute phone session
Talk about what you want
Get the response and feedback you ask for
$25 for 30 minutes
$40 for 60 minutes

Email Dawn to schedule your 30 or 60 minute phone session and bring more light into your life

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