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Striking 12: The New GrooveLily Musical

Striking 12 (2004 New York Cast)This CD always gets me in the mood for New Year’s Eve. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas crowding people’s minds New Year’s reminds me of a more genial time of relaxing with friends and family without the expectations that come with Christmas. So when I start to feel overwhelmed, listening to Striking 12 helps me relax while keeping me in a holiday mood.

Striking 12 is the musical story of a man who decides to spend New Year’s Eve alone reading Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Little Match Girl. Along the way he comes to the realization that everyone deserves to be treated well. He learns compassion, gratitude, and generosity. The parallel between Hans’s little match girl and Striking 12’s little light bulb girl create a synergy that gives the story added dimension. Hopefully the girls will not share the same fate.

This CD was released last year and we listened to it all season. Now they’re back touring with the live show through 12/23. In the meantime you can enjoy one of last year’s live shows on this CD. The playful bantering and live audience make for a really enjoyable listening experience. I really love the music and the story is very clever. GrooveLily’s music continues to evolve and climb to higher levels. They are truly an amazing group.

Listening Tip
The whole CD is a little over an hour and you might want to listen to the whole thing uninterrupted the first time so you don’t lose the story line. After that you can listen to the songs as you please.

My favorite mellow song is Snow Song (It’s Coming Down); favorite clever song is Last Day of the Year; favorite fun song, Hey La La which we always refer to as "This is the sound of a party you don’t get to go to"; and last but not least, my favorite brutally honest song is Screwed-Up People Make Great Art. The CD is so wonderful I can’t pick just one!

Parental Caution

If you don’t know the story of The Little Match Girl you might want to read it, or better yet, listen to this CD before letting your children listen to it. (Psst – the little girl dies, sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…)

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