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GrooveLily – Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?GrooveLily
is one of my favorite bands. Are We There Yet? is one of the more recent CDs, having been released in 2003. Valerie Vigoda sings and plays the seven string, electric violin, Brendan Milburn sings and plays the keyboards and Gene Lewis sings and plays the drums. They say they are the best of both a rock band and musical theater! I love their music. The music on this CD was cathartic for me and helped me through some troubled times. The music, words and execution are amazing. I feel great when I listen. I highly recommend this CD; it alters my mood for the better.
Here are the songs
Rewind – Could there really be a secret device that can take us back in time and correct all our “mistakes”? I think so!
Live Through This (Are We There Yet?) – We really are going to make it. Things can happen to us but we’ll get there eventually. Are we there yet? Not, yet, okay? And stop asking or I’m turning the planet around and we’re going home!
It’s All Right – There’s a bright side to every situation, even when it’s losing your job. But at the other end of this message is perhaps, if we appreciate what we have, it will stick around longer and we can enjoy it when we have it.
Apocalyptic Love Song (I Don’t Care) – Written by Valerie and Brendan. I always suspected they were a couple! Now, with the birth of their son, Mose Vigoda Milburn, we can’t be surprised after hearing this song!
Post-Apocalyptic – Is an instrumental continuation of the previous song.
This Is Going To Stop – Imagine a song in a theater production where someone needs some encouragement. This is it.
Diva Girl – Gene’s got it bad for some Diva! (But don’t tell anyone…)
No Room In Your Bag – One of my favorites: The story of Brendan’s mother’s life, from her marriage to his father in 1967 to Brendan’s departure for college in 1989. See, combination of rock and theater at its best!
Open Letter To Madonna – Ooh, Madonna, the tribute to the truth!
Can You Believe – This is another favorite, heck, I love them all! I can just see myself headed down the highway thinking back on all I’ve accomplished and what lies ahead for me! Great driving song.
Happy, Happy, Happy – Uh, oh! Ever get jealous and wonder why others are getting ahead and you’re not? Listen in and let your green eyed monster sing out loud! I think most of us can relate with this one.
All I Want Is What I Do Not Have – Why can’t we every just be happy with what we have? I’m gonna start!

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