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Cleansing Conditioners

What this is Cleansing conditioners are just a thick hair conditioner that cleanses and conditions your hair at the same time. They also make the hair more manageable and softer. No shampoo is needed. My experience  My daughter really wanted to try the Wen cleansing conditioner so we took advantage of their special offer and…

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Miracle Balls

My experience My husband introduced me to The Miracle Ball Method when I was experiencing some pain in my shoulder. Tight muscles had caused pain and inflammation in my right shoulder and I was in excruciating pain. I was willing to try anything natural. Surprisingly, the method was simply to lie on the balls and relax….

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Law of Attraction

We’ve all heard it, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”, “Thoughts become things”, “What you resist persists”, “You get what you look for.” WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!  That was kind of my daughter’s sentiment when I told her to focus on what she wanted instead of what she didn’t…

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Breaking the Parental Cycle

“I never thought I’d be my mother and then I heard her words coming out of my mouth! How did that happen?” Every hear anyone say that? Yup, people say, “I’m never going to raise my children the way I was raised,” but then they do and don’t know why. Unless we do something consciously…

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See and Hear Everyone

Happy New Year! This year let us remember that humans are gregarious in nature. We all need to belong, we all need to feel loved. If we are all one, just imagine how it feels to be cut off from others. I’m making it a point to reach out to others, be nice to them,…

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