Dawn Of A New Day

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See and Hear Everyone

Happy New Year! This year let us remember that humans are gregarious in nature. We all need to belong, we all need to feel loved. If we are all one, just imagine how it feels to be cut off from others. I’m making it a point to reach out to others, be nice to them,…

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The Illusion of Time

Time may be an illusion but when the sun goes down I still have to get some sleep. I totally get that time is an illusion. I’m always in the present, never the past or future. Nothing is happening in the future. Nothing ever happened in the past, it happened in a “former present”, as…

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Take Care

When we take care of ourselves it’s easier to feel good. Do things that nourish you so you have something to give back to others. It’s unselfish selfishness. If you can’t do it for yourself because it makes you feel selfish, do it for those around you and the planet.

What Makes You Feel Good?

Have you ever noticed how different people enjoy different activities? Well there are also different things that make people feel good. Whether it be singing, dancing, cooking, serving others, listening, being listened to, sitting on the beach, dancing in the rain, visiting new places, standing on the earth, feeling the energy of a sacred place,…

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Children using Heart Virtues

Have you ever had your child come home from an event or after school and they didn’t have a good day? Imagine being able to help them feel better about their experiences while practicing the Heart Virtues and seeing the difference it can make in their lives. When your child comes home and starts talking…

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