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Andean Amazon Treasures

When my husband was in San Diego he bought me a beautiful, natural necklace and earrings from Andean Amazon Treasures. It’s made from coconut shells, Tagua Nuts and Acai Berries. I love how it looks and I love how perfectly eco-friendly it is! This is as close a picture as they have on their website….

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Lifefactory Glass Bottles

I got my first Lifefactory bottle more than a year ago and I love it. Silicone wrapped around a glass drinking container, Lifefactory bottles were initially created as baby bottles. They are now made in different sizes, colors and styles to meet the demands of most lifestyles. Styles There are 9 and 14 ounce baby…

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Tooth Soap®

Tooth SoapSave thousands of dollars in dental visits by keeping your teeth healthy using Tooth Soap® which allows the teeth to breathe and re-enamelize on their own. NOW AVAILABLE WITHOUT PALM OIL.

Bead for Life

Bead for Life is a non-profit organization that pays women in Uganda fair trade prices to make beads from recycled paper. The women make a better life for themselves and their families and are able to buy the things they need to raise their quality of life. Bead for Life is eradicating poverty, one bead at…

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Senior Moment or Lack of Attention

Lately I’ve heard numerous friends comment that they’ve had either “blonde” or “senior” moments. I myself had wondered if my memory was getting bad since I wasn’t remembering things as easily as I used to. After considering the amount of mucus-forming foods I was eating I also considered the possibility that my fruits and vegetables…

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