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The Secret Code of Success

What this book is about: Have you ever done affirmations? How about having done a million bazillion of them and wondering why your life hasn’t changed? Well, Dr. Noah St. John had done his share but his life hadn’t changed so he wondered what he was doing wrong until he realized why affirmations don’t work….

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Taza Chocolate

What is this is Taza Stone Ground Organic Chocolate is one of the best chocolates I’ve ever had. I guess it’s true when they say the stone ground aspect makes the difference in taste. It preserves more of the natural flavor of the cacao. This chocolate is also Direct Trade, ethical and organic. My experience…

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Kim Eng’s meditation cd

Listening to Kim Eng’s meditations you can create more consciousness, more presence in your life.

Marina’s Blonde Truffles

What this is Marina’s Pure Products is a new raw food company in Kimberton, Pennsylvania. They’re making decadent raw food delights using pure ingredients and keeping the number of ingredients in each dish to a minimum. My experience I tried Marina’s Blonde Truffles TM and really enjoyed them. They were fresh, wholesome, sweet and filling,…

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Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts – Now in Print!

Child and Hubby approved raw desserts that make you feel good, are easy to prepare and taste amazing. Everyone loves them! You can even attend a class to learn how to make the raw chocolate yourself. This book is now available for the Kindle and in print!

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