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What this book's about
Seigei and Valya, the children from the , have put together a book of raw recipes that they created themselves. There's even a section to help you create your own raw foods. I like the recipes and always enjoy seeing Valya's artwork and hearing more of their story. Tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00

what's in this book
there are recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts with fermented foods tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00, juices, crackers, seasonings and trail mixes. The recipes are easy to follow and make. Check out the beautiful pictures of the raw foods especially the one of the monster un-chocolate cake.


I would recommend an index be added if they create a new edition of this book so individual recipes can be found easily. Indexes are missing from quite a few raw recipe books. tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00 This book is short enough that it doesn't stop me from using it, though.

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