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The NEW First Three Years of Life

New First Three Years of Life: Completely Revised and UpdatedWhat this book’s about
This book is the BEST! for raising your child in a way that will ensure the best possible development and breaks it down into stages. It explains which toys to get and which not to waste your money on.

What’s good about this book
If you follow his advice you will not only have a happy, well adjusted three-year-old, you will also avoid the terrible twos!

What I didn’t like/wouldn’t recommend about this book
I caution against the walker and the swing. My chiropractor said it isn’t good for the long-term health of the spine to have the baby erect before s/he is able to sit up on her/his own.

Especially good sections to read
The sections on siblings. He tells you what to do to avoid sibling rivalry, whether there are siblings yet or not. (HINT: Having them at least three years apart saves you most of the problems!)

What to skip
If you only have one child and there isn’t a possibility of you having any more then you can skip the sections on siblings.

When to get this book
Get it soon enough so you can read it before the baby gets to be 8 months old. Burton White tells us that it’s hard to mess up a child before they are 8 months old. 8 months to 3 years though it’s vital to follow his advice.

Final comments
I can’t emphasis just how vital this book is for parents who want to have a healthy, happy child and make life easier for everyone. I used it and you should meet Marissa! The proof is in the pudding!

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