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You are Your Child’s First Teacher

You Are Your Child's First TeacherWhat this book’s about
This book takes you from pregnancy through age six. It contains information on giving your children what they need for their own natural development during the first six years of their lives. The author is a former Waldorf kindergarten teacher so she takes a Waldorf approach. Waldorf is recommended by God in Conversations with God.

What’s good about this book
I like the Waldorf philosophy; I think it makes a lot of sense as far as teacher children in harmony with how they learn. This book will also save you a lot of money, time and aggravation since she tells you what toys to avoid and other things that you don’t need.
What I didn’t like about this book: Now that it has been updated I don’t have any reservations about it.

Especially good sections to read
The resources are a wonderful place for finding help implementing a lot of the ideas recommended by the author. She really did her homework.

What you can skip
Nothing to skip.

When to get this book
Get this book before the baby is born, preferably early in pregnancy or when you are planning on getting pregnant. It’s jam-packed with resources and references you’ll want to check out before the baby comes. There are also some things that she mentions doing during pregnancy.

Final comments
This book has recently been updated, which is very important for a book with this many resources. Very nicely done.

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