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Organized Closet and less time doing laundry

Housekeeping tip #2 – Organized Closet and less time doing laundry
I used to be organized as a child and developed many creative ideas to save time and have a neat room at the same time. Some things have stayed with me including keeping my coat hangers organized in my closet.

How it works for me
When I take something out of my closet I take out the hanger out with it. Then I put the hanger at the end of the closet, whichever end is closer, so they are all together in one place. When I need hangers to hang up my laundry they are all in one (or two) place in my closet, at the ends, and I just take them out at once. This actually takes less time than digging through the closet every laundry day to retrieve the hangers. It also makes my closet look nicer when it isn’t laundry day.

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