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Clean Kitchen Towels

Floursack Towels - Leaf SeriesHousekeeping tip #3
I like to replace my kitchen towels each day so we are always using a clean one. With more than one person using the kitchen I never knew if the kitchen towel was clean or used from yesterday. I developed a method that is almost fool-proof. Our kitchen’s main color is green with blue accents. I have sixteen towels, enough for two weeks, one extra for washing day, and one more just in case. Two of the towels are blue, seven are green with white lines, and seven are white with green lines.

My method
When I’m folding the towels I put the two blue ones on the bottom and alternate the others on top. That way I know if the towel has been changed from the day before. Today we are using a white one with green lines and I know it’s clean because yesterday we used a green one with white lines. When I get down to the blue ones I know I have a day wash them before I run out. How’s that?

Adapting this to you
If you have two different kinds of towels you can alternate them and have one or two that are completely different. The completely different one (or two) you can place at the bottom of your pile to warn you when it’s getting close to wash day.

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