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Euphoria Loves Rawvolution

Los Angeles raw restaurant
Vegan and raw, at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, a hip raw restaurant in Los Angeles, you’ll  be making a difference in the impact your dining has on the environment. It’s not only a raw restaurant but all the plates, cups and utensils are compostable. When you’re done eating in the Indian inspired dining room just throw your dishes in the bin marked for the compost before perusing the selection of raw foods, supplements, drinks, desserts, crackers, ingredients and books before walking down to the beach to have a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

The food was also fabulous. The menu has items on it like the Big Matt (it’s a raw version of a big mac), raw pizza, almond milk, soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches and so much more. They also have a raw drink bar with such delights as wheatgrass juice, fresh juices and coconut milk. Everything was really top shelf, tasty, raw and filling.

It’s counter service where you order at the counter and it’s brought out to your table, whether you’re sitting inside or outside. The people who work there are very nice and while it may take a little while to order, the food comes out relatively quickly.

You were in California?
Right, I was in Los Angeles, California last week to visit with a friend and check out Agape. While I was there she took me around to a couple of the raw restaurants in town. There are so many but we only went to three of them!

If you’re not in Los Angeles
So, you love raw foods but there isn’t a raw restaurant near you, huh? Well, there are several raw books that I like: 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Raw Family, Eating without Heating and  The Raw Gourmet. If you are especially fond of dessert you can make some of my creations from the Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts e-book (it’s free when you sign-up for our newsletter).

So, if you have reason to visit LA you definitely have to experience an Agape service with Michael Beckwith and visit a raw restaurant or two in addition to going to the beach and doing what you go there for.

Visit Euphoria Loves RAWvolution on the web
Order a box of raw food from RAWvolution
or live 2301 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90495 (310) 392-9501

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