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Chai Raweo Cookies

Chai Raweo CookiesCutting down on sugar
I’m trying to cut down on my intake of sugar and get more raw food into my diet. These cookies are very tasty and good for you too. The almonds help to counter the sweetness in the honey. I still try not to eat too many sweet things since too many sweets, even whole food sweets, can throw the body out of balance. There are also other cookies on RawFood.com. When I really feel like indulging I get these so I don’t eat the stuff that makes me sick.

There are degrees of healthy eating.  I’ve found that all things are relative. It was 52 degrees today. In the summer that would be considered cold but nearing the end of December it’s considered warm. See? So, in relation to food I feel it’s better for me to indulge in something that’s on the healthy side of sweet instead of trying to ignore my cravings and then wind up going completely downhill with stuff that’s loaded with sugar, preservatives and all kinds of artificial stuff.

Now, on the flip side of that is why do I get the cravings in the first place. There are many opinions on why people get cravings (and the one that makes the most sense to me comes from Arnold Ehret). I notice that I don’t get as many if I get enough sleep, exercise and meditate regularly. If I’m doing those things then eating healthy is much easier. I’m also in a better mood, usually feeling blissful, compassionate and generous. Wow! Just think what it would do for the world if everyone got enough sleep, exercised and meditated on a regular basis… In the meantime, let’s enjoy raw cookies knowing that, at least we aren’t doing any harm. And considering all the "less than healthy" food we probably ate during the holidays, this one’s a no-brainer.

View product details at RawFood.com: Chai Raweo Cookies

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