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What I Do For a Cold

Cold and Flu season, that’s what this time of the year is called, right? Well, after all I’ve read about the body and how it cleanses itself, I believe a cold is the body’s way of cleaning itself out. This is the time of the year when our world is dark and cold. Before electric lights this time of year was more of a time for going inward, staying inside and general introspection so it’s no wonder that the body usually takes this season to clean itself out. Spring is coming and our bodies need to prepare for the extra work of planting and bringing in the harvest, at least that’s what our bodies were made to do. So, cleaning out the clutter of our minds and bodies is what this time of the year is all about. That’s what I believe, anyway.

How the body cleanses itself
The body has several avenues of elimination. The digestive system, the respiratory system and the skin are some of them. I think there are others but I don’t remember them off-hand. The body removes toxins from the cells and internal organs and sends them out of the body through these channels. Toxins come out the pores of the skin through sweat, the respiratory system through mucus and the digestive system through… well, you know.

How I handle a cold
The best thing we can do is help our bodies optimize this time of healing.
Digestive system
Simplifying our diets so what we eat is easy to digest allows the digestive system to focus its energies on elimination. So I cut out all processed foods, which I try not to eat much of anyway, and heavy protein. Heavy protein is meat, in any form, and eggs. I also cut out dairy since dairy causes mucus. Citrus fruits help the body rid of mucus faster. I hate to say this but doing an enema can help clean out the colon and speed healing. I have also been known to fast. Definitely check with a doctor you trust before doing any of these. One other thing I do is to take Cayenne Pepper capsules. (Don’t take if you have a fever.) Swallow one with water in the middle of your meal. If you feel any burning after you finish, it means there wasn’t enough food in there to mix in and you need to drink water until the burning stops. (You’ll want to check with a doctor you trust before you take these.) This helps to burn off toxins in the body. Ginger does the same thing. Honey can help soothe the throat, if it’s scratchy. If I’m awake I prefer to drink water until my throat isn’t scratchy anymore but you find out what works best for you and you do that. Staying well hydrated is essential.
Skin brushing with a Veggie Bristle Skin Brush helps keep the pores open so they can work effectively at eliminating toxins through your perspiration.
Respiratory system

Using a Neti Pot helps prevent colds and sinus infections as well as removing mucus that has accumulated in the nasal cavity.

Other than that I just take cues from my body as far as anything else it needs. I find I need extra rest and less activity and I give myself that. Staying warm, especially when I’m outside, can help my body reserve its energy for healing instead of keeping me warm. so I take extra care at this time to bundle up when it’s cold outside. So, cuddle up with a good new age adventure story, enjoy the season and rejoice if you have a ‘cold’, your body is healing and cleaning.

I am not a doctor and you should seek the opinion of a doctor you trust before changing your life-style. I don’t suggest trying to speed up the healing through drastic measures. It never works well, usually causes more stress and can be potentially harmful in the long run.

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