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Customer Service Over the Phone

Customer Service Over the Phone: Techniques and Technology for Handling Customers Over the PhoneAbout this book
This is a great book to teach customer service over the phone. Whether you are learning customer service  yourself or training your employees this book offers a logical approach that keeps your customers and employees happy. It is a realistic approach of honesty and maintaining composure.

When we are working to change an undesirable habit in our lives we move through all the stages mentioned in Customer Service Over the Phone: unconscious incompetence, when we don’t know there’s a problem; conscious incompetence, when we still have the problem but recognize that we have it; conscious competence, when we have corrected the problem and know we have corrected it; and finally, unconscious competence, when we have completely correctly the problem and no longer think about it.

Preserving self-esteem
This approach to customer service certainly saved many a temper and preserved everyone’s self-esteem, which was always Steve Coscia’s goal. Steve and I used to work together at Ensoniq, before it was bought by Creative Labs and ultimately dissolved. He taught me, and a lot of other people, how to keep my cool on the phone and with my co-workers.

As I always say, "Get the facts and just don’t take it personally." Remember that it isn’t you. If it were you, everyone would treat you the same way, and they don’t. (I’d like to amend this and say that it IS you. Learn about the Law of Attraction by reading The Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given or watching the movie The Secret to find out how people treat you the way you expect to be treated and how you can make everyone treat you well.)

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