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John Randolph Price Interview

I had questions
After reading The Abundance Book I had some questions, which you might have too, so I emailed the author, John Randolph Price.

Here are my questions and his answers:

I really appreciate the work you do and have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Abundance Book. I am writing an article on your book for my website. I wonder if you would answer a few questions for me. There are some things in the book that were unclear to me and so they would probably be unclear to my readers as well.

Here they are:

Dawn Will writing about my experience with this book affect my prosperity (since you mention that total secrecy is necessary) or is that just during the 40 days?
JRP Writing about the book will only affect your prosperity favorably. Energy follows thought.

What do you mean by a "demonstration"? (What I really meant was, "What is the significance of a demonstration?")
JRP A demonstration is the manifestation of a visible thing or experience.

I listened to the CD in addition to reading the book and two of the ideas were conflicting. You say that if we "yield to mortal pressure and carnal mind temptation to get temporary financial relief from the world of effects, we’ll have to go back to the classroom and learn the lesson all over again." But you also say to get a job if we don’t have one. So what does it mean to "yield to mortal pressure and carnal mind temptation"?
JRP There are no conflicting ideas in the book. To yield to temptation is to take short-cuts that are not in keeping with spiritual principles, such as trying to manipulate another person for your benefit.

And when should I expect there to be a major difference in my financial affairs? I’m working on the checklist. I don’t have them all mastered yet but I certainly have more then I did before. Here’s what my experience has been so far:
Three days into the program my husband got a raise without even asking. Later we finally sold a car that had been a burden and unsold for six months and we had two people bidding against each other. I told a few people, on a spiritual path, about the book. It’s just my nature, as you will see from my website, to share new finds with others so they can benefit as well. And I hadn’t gotten to the part of the book where you say that I shouldn’t tell anyone. During that time I had told my 14-year-old daughter, who isn’t on a spiritual path. I wound up having to start over after that, on day 17 since I forgot to write after my meditation. I saw the 40 day program through to the end without interruption after that and keep it to myself since I had read the part about not telling anyone.
JRP Secrecy is necessary when you are in a personal conversation with someone who is not on the spiritual wavelength with you. His or her energy may raise doubts in your feeling nature which can interrupt the process. Be careful where you cast your pearls.

Things certainly have changed in my life: my website has been coming up in the search engine results on the first page; I was asked to start writing articles in New Visions Magazine, a local holistic magazine; we had a $134 bank error in our favor and quite a few other things. I can feel the energy around manifesting fulfillment of my needs and desires. Every time a donation opportunity came our way we would donate something, which wound up averaging about once a week.
At this point my husband wants me to get a job to meet the financial challenges that he sees. Would that be "giving in" and I would have to start over? I’ve been home with our daughter for 5 years now. He would prefer I stay home but looks at the numbers and says I have to work if we want to send her to private school.
JRP Everyone should have some way of contributing to this world and paid well for doing it. That’s what jobs are for. "Work" is a spiritual process when consciousness is in tune with the Source within.

I’ve been a very good manifester for most of my life and I get a lot of things that I want. I donate stuff constantly and help people in whatever way I can, usually with advice and information. I can usually manifest material items without too much of a problem but money was a challenge. I do feel I have a greater consciousness of prosperity and I wonder when I will see a significant change in my financial affairs. I wonder if my husband’s thoughts could be affecting the manifestation of my good.
JRP If you’re trying to "make money" using the Prosperity Plan, it won’t work for any extended time. It is totally spiritually oriented, not a "mind over matter" metaphysical process. The Plan was developed to change consciousness from the outer world of effects to the inner world of Cause. Then it works beautifully because Spirit is in charge and not the ego- influenced personality. You’ll see a significant change in your financial affairs when there is a significant change in your consciousness. First things first. I also recommend my book Nothing Is Too Good to Be True, and Lessons 12 and 13 in The Jesus Code to move consciousness into a higher frequency.

I really appreciate your help in this matter.
Prosperity and Health,
Love and Light,

He closed with, “Richest blessings, John Price”

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