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Recycline Toothbrushes and Razors

Preserve Toothbrushes, Recycled Toothbrushes, Recycle PlasticRecycline
Recycline takes recycling one step further. In addition to their recycled tableware they also offer recycled/recyclable oral care and beauty products.

Health care products
Their toothbrushes come in ultra soft, soft and medium bristles. Their junior toothbrushes are just right for small mouths and hands and the children get to be a part of recycling at a very personal level. Razors, toothpicks and tongue cleaners are also made.

The recycling
These products are made from recycled plastic and when you are finished with them you send them back to the company and they turn them into park benches and other things recycled plastic can be made into.

My experience
I’ve been using these toothbrushes for years and so has my daughter. We just love how they work, the design was engineered with the help of a dentist and they work very effectively. I hold my toothbrush like a pen instead of a tennis racket since that was recommended by the makers of Tooth Soap and it works perfectly for me.

Happy Brushing…

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