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Hypnotherapy is a method of healing that treats the mind-body-spirit as one interconnected unit. There are personal sessions and pre-recorded CDs and tapes to help you utilize this amazing and fast method of healing.

Crystal Deodorant Stone

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s: Did you know that aluminum has been blamed for causing Alzheimer’s disease? Did you also know you can find aluminum in antiperspirants? Talk about getting under my skin, and going straight to my brain. Here’s a natural solution that neutralizes the bacteria that causes body odor without putting aluminum in your body.

Neti Pot

Neti Pot - by Himalayan Institute Press, 6 oz. (Lead-Free Ceramic)The Neti Pot is an exceptional device to have around the house. Use it to treat dry noses, drippy noses or full-blown colds. This one’s a lead-free ceramic pot used for rinsing out the nasal cavity. The health of your nasal cavity can affect more than just your nose.

Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts

Dawn of a New Day Raw DessertsGreat child and hubby approved raw food desserts! It’s my gift to you. Download this revised and updated version of my popular (and free) e-book, Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts. Check out the pictures, tell your friends and pass it along.

Ballpoint Wren

I know this isn’t my usual kind of post but I just have to share this one with you. While developing the Dawn of a New Day (DOAND) website we came across a site that uses a design similar to ours. The writer is Bonnie Wren and she is one funny lady. She says that her site, Ballpoint Wren, is her attempt at being humorous. Well, she certainly succeeded.

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