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Beyond Recycling – Reuse those plastic utensils

Recycline Recycled Plastic CutleryYou can easily reuse those plastic eating utensils, just think ahead.

Hair Care

Many people ask me how I keep my hair so nice. To be honest, I don’t do much at all. Here’s my whole routine with the tools I use.

The Alligetter

Have you ever dropped something down the garbage disposal or wondered what was making that rattling noise inside it? Well, this ingenious little invention, the Alligetter, is just the thing to get it out. A little light on the end sets it apart from the other apparatuses you use to get your keys, and other things, out of dark, tight places. Oh, and save your hands from getting mashed.

Rational Fasting

Rational Fasting (Ehret\'s Health Literature)Arnold Ehret’s reasons for fasting, how to do it safely and how long is too long.

Letting Go Gracefully

Do you let things go gracefully when they have served their purpose and you’re ready to move on to your next experience and the next Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision that you and Spirit have for your life?

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